PetSmart is the countrys largest specialty retailer of pet supplies and services including grooming, training, boarding, and veterinary care.


This holiday email marketing campaign was targeted to the media and included links to microsites that featured new product announcements, promotional photos, and press releases to assist with content development.

The company intranet featured a redesigned dashboard that organized key information needed by store managers. The new design simplified and prioritized the daily updates they needed, improving communication.

Internal Communications

Having developed a working relationship with PetSmart over many years, Summation has assisted with both internal and external projects including print collateral, interactive promotions, annual reports, and logos for various programs.

Annual Reports

The diagram in this annual report represented the PetSmart target customer (female, age 25–35), and the different needs they have for their pet. It illustrates how each PetSmart department collaborates to deliver Total Lifetime Care™, a program designed to educate consumers and provide a lifetime of care for their pets.

This annual report used fun pet imagery to illustrate the theme “Moving Ahead” and the key points of the shareholder letter.

Retail Industry Annual Report DesignRetail Industry Annual Report DesignRetail Industry Annual Report Design

Testimonials from actual PetSmart customers were featured in this year’s annual report. Many, who after having shopped at their neighborhood store, felt compelled to contact PetSmart and pass along their gratitude for an employee or store representative that was extremely helpful to them and their pets. Seven unique stories were selected from across the country, with Summation overseeing the photo shoot which covered seven different cities in eight days. (Photography: Bob Carey)

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