TriVita (OLD)

TriVita, a nationally-recognized health and wellness company located in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides products and services to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Amazon Herb

Amazon Herb’s products contain unique ingredients found only in the Amazon Rainforest. The company was founded by rainforest conservationist and explorer John Easterling (known as “Amazon John”) and his wife, Olivia Newton-John.

TriVita approached Summation to revitalize the brand for Amazon Herb. Brand development included design for logo, packaging, print collateral, and an updated website.

Company Brands

Summation assisted TriVita in designing and developing new identity systems for their company’s products and programs.

Galaxy of Stars

These promotional items, which incorporate the new identity, represent some of Summation’s theme development for an annual recognition event.

Wellness Center

Developed to reinforce the brand attributes, large wall murals were designed to appear throughout the TriVita Wellness Center, a modern facility that creates personalized wellness programs.


Summation developed identity and packaging for this product line designed to offer a healthy diet and maintain proper weight.


Packaging design for this product, a nutrient-rich formula derived from the super-fruit of the prickly pear (nopal) cactus, emulates the fruit’s natural pattern-like texture and coloring.

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