Advertising: 01


Using the company tagline as an advertising theme, professional athletes who endorse the product were asked “What Moves You?”. The result was a unique collection of motivations that made a memorable series of ads. See Case Study >

PI North America

These industry magazine ads were part of a business-to-business advertising campaign promoting awareness and benefits of PROFINET, an industrial ethernet communication protocol suite used in automation systems.

AZ Office of Tourism

Client: Moses

This ad campaign series, which targeted specific travel markets within the U.S., highlights a positive attribute of the state by emphasizing what it is “not”.

U.S. Olympic Committee

Summation developed this series of ads for the Olympic Job Opportunities Program, an organization which assists Olympic athletes after they’re through competing. See Case Study >


Applying an established client brand format used in all divisions of the company, Summation developed this business-to-business print campaign for Honeywell. See Case Study >


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