Honeywell International is a $39 billion diversified technology and manufacturing company with 140,000 employees in more than 100 countries. For over 15 years Summation has worked closely with the marketing communications team at Honeywell Process Solutions. Established as a certified, brand-compliant partner, Summation provides a wide range of print collateral, advertising, trade show graphics and interactive solutions.

Digital Publications

Summation approached Honeywell with this concept of a library app for iPad and Android tablets. Previously printed product brochures could now have interactive functionality, video, and responsive charts. This new format allowed publications to be downloaded by customers and easily updated as needed.

Environmental Graphics

Summation has assisted in building Honeywell’s international presence and brand recognition, as shown in these environmental graphics displayed throughout the Aberdeen International Airport in Dyce, Scotland.

Print Advertising

This business-to-business print campaign adheres to an established brand format, and is used in all divisions of the company.

These ads were part of a business-to-business print campaign for Industrial Process Control that explains an integrated approach for better control, leading to increased opportunities.

Vehicle Graphics

Summation developed these vehicle graphics for Honeywell’s Process Solutions mobile demonstration center, a simulated office environment taken to potential customers to showcase new technologies. A location photo shoot was done first, and the image was integrated into the design of an exterior vehicle wrap.

Trade Shows

Honeywell Users Group (HUG) is an international conference held annually and provides users of Honeywell process control and industrial automation systems with a forum to exchange technical information. These conferences are held around the world and require theme development, signage, print collateral, and interactive design.

Print Collateral

Honeywell asked Summation to develop a communication tool that would best define a joint venture energy project with Petrobras, a Brazilian multinational corporation. Through the use of double-coil binding, imagery and information were able to be viewed in myriad combinations, resulting in photos and words that combined to reveal key benefits.


Summation created these packaging examples for Honeywell’s control solutions software—installed and utilized in the world’s largest refineries, plants, and mills.

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