Brand Strategy, Naming, & Content Creation

In collaboration with Jon Ward Consulting Services, Summation now complements
world-class design with brand strategy, naming and content creation.

Brand Strategy

Strategy is the compass: it sets the direction for your brand to evolve as the business grows.
Here are some of the questions your brand strategy needs to answer:
Who is our primary audience, and what
do they care about?
What’s the Big Idea that sets our
brand apart?
What’s our purpose, beyond making a profit?
What’s our personality — the tone and feeling of the brand?
What are the core messages we will keep communicating to the market?
The key to success is finding answers that can lead to compelling, results-oriented marketing communications.


Sometimes your most pressing requirement is a brand name. We offer a structured approach to company and product naming that has proven effective in one case after another.
With well-defined criteria, and collaborative steps towards a defined goal, your naming project can be successfully completed quickly and satisfactorily.

Content Creation

A strategy is only as good as its implementation. That’s why we also offer full-service content creation, including website wireframe and writing, video scripts, email campaigns and press releases.
Now you can look forward to writing that’s as eloquent and effective as your visual design.

Melding Strategy, Naming and Content with Design

Today, Summation’s dedication to exceptional design is matched by an equal commitment to excellence in strategy and content.
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