Green Compass

Green Compass develops a wide variety of CBD products from hemp grown organically in the U.S.

The Green Compass website is the focal point of the brand. It tells the company story and explains their unique market position. An online store describes each product and enables easy ordering. The company’s business opportunity is also presented. The site is constantly evolving and the design allows for additional content to easily be added as needed.

The brand for Green Compass was developed over several months, one project at a time. This process used by Summation enables startup companies to launch their brands in an affordable way, prioritizing their needs. Visual assets can be leveraged between projects to be cost effective.

The new logo was added to a custom motorcycle created as the grand prize for a charity raffle.

The corporate identity was developed along with brand standards to ensure consistency.

Branded merchandise showcased the primary logo configuration of the large symbol in the corporate green.

Product packaging for Green Compass CBD products was designed over time as products were developed. A cohesive yet flexible packaging style for a wide variety of products used common visual elements and colors to create a unique brand look.

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