Peter Piper Pizza

Peter Piper Pizza has been serving up great pizza and family entertainment for over 40 years in the Southwest United States and Mexico. For over 15 years Summation has worked with Peter Piper Pizza creating various print and digital materials.


Summation was asked to create new packaging based on a recent logo and brand refresh. The new logo was dissected and applied to ensure the quick recognition of the Peter Piper Pizza name while still leveraging the new logo elements.

Packaging based on Peter Piper Pizza’s previous logo and brand elements.


Summation designed large, colorful wall graphics as a tribute to the restaurant’s long and successful history. These photo collages combined early imagery of the founder as well as current photography showcasing the freshness and quality of the food. They were installed nationwide in current and new markets.

Peter Piper Pizza’s brand refresh ushered in a new era of digital menu and promotional panels. Portions of the menu panels and promotional panels were animated allowing for multiple messages and products to be displayed.

Previous menu panels used a chalkboard motif designed to express their market fresh ingredients and handcrafted pizza offerings.

Outdoor Advertising

Billboards promoting newly remodeled restaurants.

Known as a favorite kids place for food, fun and games, this campaign announced a new line of individual gourmet pizzas marketed to adults.

Product Promotions

Promotional signage for various product campaigns appear throughout each location.

Prior to Peter Piper Pizza’s brand refresh, Summation crafted custom identities for various campaigns and product offerings.

Custom identities for featured promotions were used in print ads and direct mail campaigns.

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