Print Design

For over two decades we have provided print design services, including the design, production, and print coordination of brochures, annual reports, marketing collateral, and product information. There has been a growing belief that the advancement of personal computers and the internet would eventually be the end of print. However, print is still used by many of today’s most successful brands. Integrating print materials with a digital strategy is an effective combination for developing a brand. Our company combines online and offline components for a more holistic approach to branding.

One advantage of print is the fact that it is more engaging. Websites are often skimmed in as little as 15 seconds per visit. When we read printed words we retain them longer than when we read them on a screen. Print marketing materials are also portable and tangible and utilized in dozens of settings, from conferences, networking events, mailouts, and sales calls. Human beings react and engage with things they can touch and hold in their hands. There is nothing like a physical product to connect with the heart and mind, stimulating curiosity. With so much of our time spent in front of a screen, print has become a luxury, a moment of calm, an opportunity for reflection. Brochures, postcards, catalogs, and all print materials are designed to incorporate your corporate identity professionally.

With our proven history and experience providing print design services, you can feel confident your project will be expertly managed from beginning to end.

Simply Because

As an importer of fine roses from South America, the Simply Because brand developed by Summation combined rich colors with imagery of roses and human relationships. See Case Study >


Client: Calpurnia Communications

Print collateral for PowerParasol solar shade structures showcases examples of recent projects showing public spaces that have been transformed.

WIN Consortium

Utilizing the long list and array of achievements by WIN’s global partners, Summation used these successes to highlight and showcase in their annual report.


XELR8, a nutritional and weight loss products manufacturer, marketed their products using endorsements from professional athletes. See Case Study >



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