Projects that combine science, engineering, and business are fascinating. But its most rewarding when a great design solution takes flight.

Eclipse Aerospace

Eclipse Aerospace, an American aircraft manufacturing and maintenance company, builds the world’s only personal jet. See Case Study >

Summation designed this introductory brochure highlighting the features and benefits of this revolutionary lightweight jet.

Confronted by industry reports doubting a lightweight jet could be affordably produced, Summation developed a venture capital campaign for Eclipse with the concept of equating this opportunity to the Wright Brothers, who overcame adversity to make aviation history. Vintage reproduction aviation goggles were sourced to reinforce the theme of “Fly In The Face of Convention”, with each package including investment details, the company’s outlook and direction, and a video.

Eclipse contacted Summation to develop marketing materials for their yet-to-be-produced aircraft. Using a full-scale model of the jet, Summation oversaw and directed the location photography which was used in all collateral and online applications.

Summation designed the Eclipse exhibit for the AirVenture aviation trade show, where the Eclipse 500 jet made its debut to the public. Exterior graphics were developed for a large-scale hangar containing informational kiosks and displays.

Brand signature guidelines established parameters for using the original logo, as well as the additional identities that were developed as the brand evolved.

As part of a print campaign placed in aviation industry publications, this ad introduced the world’s first personal jet.

Summation provided a number of fun and memorable holiday cards that included the jet as part of the theme.


Bombardier, a Canadian multinational aerospace and transportation company, is the world’s largest manufacturer of planes and trains.

These exterior graphics were designed for a promotional jet used at trade shows.

Summation developed this brand identity for Bombardier’s fractional jet ownership program, Flexjet. This program enables access to a business jet on an as-needed basis.

These ads were part of a print campaign featuring the convenience and economy of their unique and innovative jet ownership program.

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