Corporate Brand Identity

The logo is the cornerstone of a company’s corporate brand identity. It is the signature of the company, and should be simple, relevant, memorable and timeless. Great logos have lasted for many decades. Over time a logo can become recognizable and synonymous with a specific company, and this brand equity is invaluable. Although a logo should have style and meaning, a logo is not a brand. It does not sell, it identifies. The most important rule for using a logo is consistency. When we develop a your brand identity, we include a usage guide that gives detailed instructions for the proper use of all corporate graphics.

We have worked with numerous startups over the past 20 years, helping them to visualize their unique brand positions. Starting with the logo design, we create initial brand visuals that companies can build upon. We’ve always believed that small companies’ brand identities should look as good as their largest, established competitor. Our approach to branding has always been to create thoughtful, trendless logos that will last for years to come. Through our rebranding services, we’ve partnered with established brands and Fortune 500 firms that want to update their existing logos. This brand revitalization process is typically done to signal a change, modernize an out of date image, or announce new leadership. These corporate branding assignments involve research to determine what elements of the current logo have valuable brand equity. Leveraging the past with the future is the goal.

A number of our brand development projects and designs have been published and recognized by national and international logo award competitions, including Graphis International Design, Print, Communication Arts Magazine, and the American Advertising Federation.



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