This section reflects products for people who seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle by integrating exercise, proper rest, and nutrition to support a more fulfilling life.

These examples reflect various logos developed by Summation as corporate identities or product brands within the nutrition industry.


Akea, a nutrition and whole foods manufacturer, introduced a foundational supplement based on the unique nutritional profiles of the world’s healthiest cultures. See Case Study >

Brand development for Akea included imagery that emphasized healthy lifestyles, nutrition and exercise.

Projects for Akea started with brand development and included a new logo, positioning line, print collateral, product packaging and website design. The company’s website is an online community for healthy lifestyles, offering nutritional recipes, exercise routines, and advice based on research from the Longevity Hot Spots.


XELR8, a nutritional and weight loss products manufacturer, marketed their products using endorsements from professional athletes. See Case Study >

A complete brand development started with naming, tagline and logo design, print collateral, packaging, advertising, and website design.

Amazon Herb

As a division of TriVita, Amazon Herb’s products contain unique ingredients found only in the Amazon Rainforest. The company was founded by rainforest conservationist and explorer John Easterling, known as “Amazon John”, and his wife Olivia Newton-John. See Case Study >

Summation designed a new logo for Amazon Herb and continued the rebranding with a new web site, print collateral and product packaging.

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