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Summation used the number 7 when designing the Sevinity corporate identity to reflect the brand’s seven healthy habits. The product line uses the large graphic numeral from the logo and a bold color system. See Case Study >


Client: Craig Hedges Creative

Summation developed the corporate brand and then designed the packaging for the company’s initial product, WaterADE, a pure food product containing phytocannabinoids.

The package design for PhytoCalm Roll-on Elixir, a topical elixir infused with natural fragrances, consisted of a unique green glass bottle secured inside of a protective cardboard sleeve. Different colors indicated the fragrances.

Packaging for CBD Vape Oil, the concentrated form of Cannabidiol in a liquid form. The leaf pattern from the corporate brand was the key element for this colorful design. See Case Study >


The Eat/Drink/Snack system was a complete nutritional program in a box. The series of packages was color coded and designed as a family of products.

While developing the XELR8 brand, Summation designed the identity and packaging for their flagship product, Bazi. See Case Study >


The Nopalea brand’s key ingredient is the superfruit of the nopal (prickly pear) cactus. These packages utilize the bright magenta color and distinctive pattern found in the fruit. See Case Study >


This packaging was developed for the company’s organic, plant-based nutritional supplement. See Case Study >



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