Sonoran Arts League

The Sonoran Arts League is a group of over 600 artists and volunteers working to promote a culture of creativity through education, events, and activities that connect the arts to the human spirit.

The existing logo was revitalized as part of an overall branding system that included identities for the different programs within the organization.

The Sonoran Arts League wanted to keep their original logo of a lizard, but knew the individual logos used by the various events were confusing. The new identity system assigned a color to each event, creating a recognizable brand for the group.

Each year, the artists’ studio tour allows the public to visit working studios on a self-guided tour. Summation has designed this 100+ page tour directory annually which lists all participating artists, their mediums, images of their work, and a map of their locations.

The maps are popular with patrons as they plan which studios to visit. The reverse side of the folding map features a poster comprised of photos of the artists' crafts and can be used for promotional purposes.

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