Cannabis Science

Cannabis is creating many new products in a variety of industries, from nutrition to healthcare.

Miracle Source

Miracle Source is a North American provider of organic and conventional hemp food products.

A new system for packaging united the brand look across all products and brought visual clarity to the various hemp seed categories.

ISA Scientific

ISA Scientific is an Israeli-American biopharmaceutical company developing medicines containing cannabinoids to treat conditions including diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and cardiovascular disorders. See Case Study >

An investor presentation outlined the company’s medical expertise and plans to introduce new treatments developed from cannabinoids.

The website redesign simplified the online messaging format and introduced bold new imagery from the investor presentation.


Phytopurh is a developer and marketer of phytocannabinoid products in the food, beverage and cosmeceutical industries. See Case Study >

Client: Craig Hedges Creative

The logo was designed following brand research.

Packaging for PhytoCalm, a topical elixir infused with natural fragrances.

This guide defined the usage of the logo, corporate colors and other brand elements.

Packaging for WaterADE, a pure food product containing phytocannabinoids.

Exhibit design for industry trade shows introduced the new brand and initial products.

The website design was part of the brand launch, showcasing the corporate identity, packaging and brand visuals.

Packaging for CBD Vape Oil, the concentrated form of Cannabidiol in a liquid form.

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