Network Marketing

These companies build distributor networks that market products as well as the business opportunity.

Summation developed the brands for these network marketing firms, providing corporate identity, packaging, print collateral, web site design and advertising.


Mannatech (NASDAQ: MTEX) is a multinational firm operating in 24 countries and provides research, development, and distribution of products from plant-sourced saccharides. See Case Study >

Client: Craig Hedges Creative

Summation developed the new identity and brand guidelines.


XELR8, a nutrition and weight loss supplement manufacturer, used professional athletes to endorse and market its products. See Case Study >


Seacret provides skin care products infused with vitamins and minerals from the Dead Sea.


Akea, a nutrition and whole foods manufacturer, introduced a foundational supplement based on the unique nutritional profiles of the world’s healthiest cultures. See Case Study >

Amazon Herb

Amazon Herb is a wellness company whose products contain unique ingredients found only in the Amazon Rainforest. It was founded by rainforest conservationist and explorer John Easterling (known as “Amazon John”) and his wife, Olivia Newton-John. See Case Study >


Vemma Nutrition Company provides energy drinks, nutritional beverages and weight management products. See Case Study >

Simply Because

Simply Because roses are the finest Ecuadorian variety, cultivated high in the Andean Mountain range of South America. See Case Study >


Asantae provides a variety of products, including nutritional, weight loss, and skin care. See Case Study >

The brand development for Asantae began with a new logo comprised of a customized typeface and symbol. Brand visuals and colors were established as part of the guidelines. These elements were used to create a recognizable family of products.

Exhibit graphics and web site design were part of the brand campaign.

Product Branding

Summation has assisted with many product launches by developing the product branding unique to each one. This included product naming, logos, packaging, web site design and print collateral.

The brand development and packaging design for GF60, a line of skin care products.

Packaging for nutritional and weight loss products.

iS2 is a nutritional drink formulated for immune and inflammation support. Summation designed the product identity, packaging, and all support collateral.


This product was developed using the science of stem cells to give people a more youthful life.


Purium provides nutritional products made from whole food plant extracts for anti-aging, skin care, fitness, weight loss and immune support. See Case Study >

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